Revision and Practice Key Tools to Success in Exams

However, there exists no magic formula or short-cuts for obtaining good results. What is required here on the part of every student is putting in plenty of hard work, planning and preparing early on in the academic session.


Almost all schools use test outcomes as one of the main tools for comparing one set of students with the other and this has increased the importance of obtaining good grades in the school exams. One route for the student to achieve this is to have a solid revise scheme in place. Revision should not be viewed as merely mugging up whatever has been learnt in class. It is essential for the students to understand the basic concepts of the topics they have learnt and only then can the revision become an interesting exercise. Having knowledge of the marking scheme, type of questions asked in a test or quiz and the time to be allotted for each will help the student in writing his exam paper with greater confidence and minimum stress. There can be no compromise on revise if the student wants to fare better at his or her exams.


It enables them to understand where the student stands with regard to each topic that he or she has covered. Backed with a degree in Commerce has a vast experience in the field of education having pioneered IB practice test online and IB MYP coaching. As for his degree in Electronics Engineering and Marketing Management attains him the perfect nominee. An entrepreneur par excellence, his business skills besides his experience in the field of computer networking and marketing makes the required administrative and handling edge.

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* The content is segregated topic wise, grade wise and has differing difficulty levels. It can therefore be easily adapted to suit each student’s individual requirements.

* The questions are exactly of the same type asked in CHECKING.

* The student solves the questions online and procures an answer along with an explanation soon after.

* Each student procures a detailed Performance Report per topic and this helps to ascertain the student’s strengths and weaknesses on each.

* The concerned educators or the students themselves can decide the areas of concern and overcome them better.

All in all, each school moving child has no alternative but to initiate detailed revise and what better style than to enrol.

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