Kerintha Telugu Movie Review

Kerintha, a young people tumbler is a checking account of guys who come out from educational cartoon and enter into the personal simulation. This movie brings pleasant insights into liveliness. Kerintha is produced by vibrant producer of tollywood Dil Raju out cold Sri Venkateshwara Creations. The movie has recently completed its censor formalities and has got a tidy U authorize from the board. Mickey J Meyer is the music composer for the film and this will be a serious asset for the film. The movie team has started motion promotions from a week and ended their backing by taking blessings at Tirupathi. The movie is all geared for a reprieve upon June 12th.

Sumanth Ashwin, youngster actor who is having to your liking mettle is act-act fine films. His previous films Tuneega Tuneega, Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvata, Lovers and Chakkiligintha went quickly into audience. He has got fine marks for his accomplish in all his films. He is paired behind Sri Divya in this movie. The movie furthermore stars young person people in the mood of Tejaswi Madivada, Lavanya, Vishwanth, Paarvatheesham, Sukruthi, Nithya Naresh. The audio of the movie was released upon May 15th. Along furthermore the audio the theatrical advertisement of the movie was with released. The theatrical trailer was impressive and it made audience expect more from this film.

Kerintha is going to be atypical fine film under the banner of Sri Venkateshwara Creations which produced many gigantic films. The editing for the film is ended by Madhu and Abburi Ravi has penned the dialogues. The cinematography operate in the film was ended by Vijay K Chakravarthy and Vijay has ended the Choreography. Check out the admission review of Kerintha and a deep shrewdness into the film sedated.

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Jai (Sumanth Ashwin), Priya (Tejaswi Madivada), Bhavana (Sukriti), Nookaraju and Siddharth are the five teenagers who can be seen in each and every one single one the posters and are the leading characters in the movie. All these 5 guys are best cronies in their scholarly. As the era passes Jai falls in reverence subsequently Manaswini (Sri Divya), who is more focussed onto her career rather this his flatter. Siddharth loves Priya and Bhavana will be attracted towards Nookaraju. Sri Divya nonappearance Sumanth to match go off and concentrate upon her career as Sumanth is a set free going kid and Siddharth does not declaration approximately his love towards Priya to his mother and he is enormously fearful of her. Bhavana has a enormously soft corner towards the innocent looking and forgive roaming Nookaraju. How every share of these pairs will team happening and will pro their energy successfully forms the land of the position toward.

Plus Points:

Cast Performance, heart upsetting dialogues, severity notch music by Mickey Cinematography and Screenplay

Minus Points:

Predictable excuse, Bad Narration


Sumanth Ashwin and Sri Divya has performed unconditionally decently and Tejaswi has got a significant role in this movie unlike her previous movies. The characterization of Nookaraju was expertly received. Music composition by Mickey J Meyer is one more mitigation for this movie. Direction by Sai Kiran Adivi is to your liking but the credit seemed to be a linked one as we have seen in many previous films. Cinematography by Vijay K Chakravarthy was decent.

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