Opioid Replacement Therapy During Drug Detox

Opioid Replacement Therapy During Drug Detox[EXTRACT]
Opioid Replacement Therapy is a powerful tool to help people who are addicted to opiate-based drugs like heroin, morphine or Oxycontin detox safely. While the ultimate goal of opioid replacement therapy is an eventual complete abstinence from all opioid drugs, it has a number of other features that benefit drug addicts and the communities where they live. This includes fewer instances of disease transmission, a reduction in crime related to drug-seeking behavior and fewer overdose deaths and suicides.Opioid Replacement Therapy: How it WorksDrugs like heroin are potent and fast-acting. This means that the euphoric effects are felt almost immediately and are intense but short-lived. This type of therapy works by providing addicts with a similar opiate-based drug that produces less intense euphoric effects, but lasts much longer.The idea is to slowly wean the addict off the stronger, fast-acting illicit chemicals and gradually reduce the dosage of the opioid replacement therapy drugs until abstinence is achieved. This type of therapy reduces the severity and duration of the effects of Acute Withdrawal Syndrome; a significant barrier to treatment for many opioid addicts.Primary Drugs Used in TreatmentThere are 3 primary drugs currently in use, although some nations use different drugs and some permit the use of morphine and even heroin to treat certain types of addicts. In general drugs used during detox and subsequent drug treatment for opiates include:

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*Methadone: One of the most widely used opioid replacement therapy drugs; methadone is also commonly diverted for street use despite significant controls.*Buprenorphine/Suboxone: Once marketed as a powerful analgesic to treat patients with chronic pain and post-surgical patients, buprenorphine is a leading drugs used in opioid replacement therapy, overtaking the popular methadone in many clinics.*Naltrexone: Used to treat both alcohol and opiate dependence, naltrexone works by directly affecting the receptor sites where neurotransmission resulting in euphoria occurs.Why Opioid Replacement Therapy during Drug Detox?This treatment results in significant benefits when compared to traditional drug detox methods. This includes the ability of treatment professionals to properly dose the addict in an effort to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms – especially severe drug cravings and the potential for respiratory depression and other medical complications.The therapy generally produces a higher patient retention level, keeping addicts in treatment for a longer period of time than traditional methods. It also reduces the amount of illicit drugs consumed by patients, as the patient needs less illicit substances to achieve the effects they seek.Overall, addicts on opioid replacement therapy protocols generally abstain earlier and stay clean for longer than addicts who are treated using other protocols or no treatment at all.(Mattick RP, Digiusto E, Doran CM, O’Brien S, Shanahan M, Kimber J, Henderson N, Breen C, Shearer J, Gates J, Shakeshaft A and NEPOD Trial Investigators, 2001. National Evaluation of Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence: Report of Results and Recommendations. National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney.)Regardless of eventual complete abstinence rates (which are regrettably low), the benefits of opioid replacement therapy to addicts and their communities are immense. By stabilizing addicts with this treatment, many people are able to get their lives back in order, despite the fact that some will remain on the therapy for a year or more, and many eventually return to drug use. However, this type of therapy provides a means for addicts to become stable, reduce their risk of infectious disease and reduce their exposure to drug related violence.Communities where opioid replacement therapy is practiced benefit from these harm-reduction strategies while providing a clever method of keeping addicts within a certain circle of treatment. This allows for proper observation and intervention, as well as keeping treatment options and support well within the reach of even the most desperate addicts.The Risks of Opioid Replacement TherapyThere are two primary risks:1.) Addiction to Treatment DrugsBecause drugs like methadone and naltrexone are opiate-based, there is significant potential for abuse and addiction. In fact, the idea of opioid REPLACEMENT therapy is aptly named, as the concept merely replaces one drug with another. Therefore, the addiction is not resolved; rather, the behaviors associated with it are controlled and modified with the eventual hope that abstinence will be achieved. Unfortunately, for many addicts this is not the case and a large percentage of those being treated using opiate based treatment drugs will eventually return to their street drugs of choice.

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2.) OverdoseThere is a serious risk of overdose when patients begin an opioid replacement therapy program and when they cease participation in the program. This is because tolerance levels have changed rapidly during treatment, and neither doctors nor patients can predict these levels accurately. Fortunately, these risks are still acceptable when compared to those associated with no treatment at all. (Kristina Fiore, Mortality Risk of Opioid Replacement Assessed Reviewed by: Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco and Dorothy Caputo, MA, RN, BC-ADM, CDE, Nurse Planner October 27, 2010)Opioid replacement therapy during detox can help addicts transition smoothly while avoiding the severity of symptoms usually associated with acute withdrawal. However, because of the ongoing risk of long term addiction to treatment drugs, it’s important that addicts understand that eventually, they must stop using all opiates, or risk long terms problems associated with chronic addiction.

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Everything you need to know about the STDs

If you suspect to have STD or have had unprotected sex in the recent past with a person you don’t know well you should go for an STD test. You should have the heart to be tested. It is also important if you would convince your partner to accompany you to an STD center. Even when there are no symptoms you should get tested for the STDs. You should go for the STD test to protect yourself and your sex partners from the bad effects of the STDs.

Sexually transmitted diseases are very common, and they could kill you if you don’t get treatment early. Getting tested for STDs will help you protect yourself and your sex partners. Make it a habit to get tested for STDs especially if you are prone to get involved in unprotected sex with people you may not know well.

Get knowledge about the Sexually transmitted diseases. Get online and learn the various STDs and how they could be dangerous to your wellbeing. Unfold the mystery that is STDs by using the readily available information online. Keep yourself healthy all the time. Protect yourself and your partner from the risks of STD effects.

One of the common STD is the HIV and AIDs. You could contract the STD from your partner, so get the test. The STDs are very dangerous if not detected early, they could wipe you out. It is almost elusive to get to know if a person has HIV by looking at them unless you visit the health center to get treated you may not be able to tell if you or your partner has the disease.

Various types of STDs and Syphilis are also STDs. They are contracted when you involve yourself in sex with a person who already has them.

Urine samples are required in the testing of some STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea. However, HIV and AIDS require that a person blood sample is tested.

You require going through counseling before you get tested for the STDs. Sometimes it’s frustrating to find that you have the STDs yet you have never been involved in promiscuous sex. If you are in a relationship you should go with your partner for the STD test. Before you take any STD test you should have prior knowledge of the various STDs.

Apart from sexual contact some STDs could be contracted through other various ways. If a person with HIV uses a needle or a razor and accidentally cuts themselves and you use the same and result in cutting yourself there are high chances of contracting the disease. So it’s not only through sexual contact that you could contract some of the STDs. To stay safe gets tested today.

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What’s With Medical Claims?

Performing medical claims processing is actually a complex process of invoice as well as collecting payments for health care service that’s provided to the patient. To be able to run a lucrative hospital, medical business and several other health care facilities, it has to follow a tried and proven method of collecting reimbursement. To be able to become successful, electronic medical billing plays an important role in it.

It is requiring efficiency and accuracy when doing medical billing because this is a process wherein submissions as well as follow up of claims to the insurance companies to get payments of the provided services to the health care supplier. Additionally, the claim process used for various insurance companies either they’re private or government owned.

There are many different type of medical billing processes online and these include recording patient personal information similar to age, name, contact info, coordination of benefits, collection of medical insurance, handling medical claim denial, basic medical coding, filling medical claim form and lastly, the explanation of benefits.

Well trained and experienced medical staff for billing are sought after by numerous organizations today. Just a slight error committed in medical billing and the claim process is enough for the establishment to face serious problems which is why these professionals are so crucial in the operation as they analyze and perform medical claim process and medical claim billing efficiently.

So, if ever your health care facility is looking for ways on how it can increase its productivity and profits, reduce the collection times while successfully process claims, it is highly recommended to invest inmedical billing software. If ever your health care facility is seeking for ways on how it will be able to increase its productivity and profits, reduce the collection times while successfully process claims, then the best move you can make is to invest in medical billing software. Through such, all the payments that are submitted to insurance medical billing firms and claims to insurance companies will be followed up automatically. This is exactly the main reason why medical billing has become of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors of health care industry.

The steps below are followed by medical billing process.

Number 1. Claims transmission – what the hospitals do here is forward medical claims to billing companies.

Number 2. Checking and retrieval of medical claims – as for this step, the companies check the documents.

Number 3. Medical coding – this is fixed diagnosis code of the patient.

Number 4. Charge creation – for this step, the company is creating claims that follow the billing rules.

Number 5. Medical claims audit – what this thing does is to check the complete information and procedure.

Number 6. Medical claims transmission – it creates claims before sending electronically to claims transmission department.

Number 7. Follow up and settlement – the billing companies do a follow up with the insurers as well as payment agencies consistently.

It’ll require proper medical billing services to make sure that it’s used correctly even though medical billing is quite effective.

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How STDs Can Be Transmitted

Health of our body is very important. Health is termed as the normal functioning of a body. It is impossible to continue with other daily activities without health of our body. Expect our bodies to get infected with diseases and to be weak. It is obvious for diseases to be caused by some factors. Harmful microorganisms have been to cause diseases. These microorganisms may come from food contamination or dirt in our surroundings. Dirty foods are most likely to cause harmful microorganisms that may later attack us and cause infections. Expect dirty environment to encourage the growth of parasites.

Fleas can mostly thrive in dirty environments. These harmful parasites obviously attack us to cause infections. Hereditary factors have been known to cause diseases. Hereditary diseases such as sickle cell anemia have been known to attack people. Weather conditions can also cause diseases. A chilly climate is likely to cause a disease like common cold. There are many categories of diseases. Examples of the different kinds of diseases are water-borne diseases and air-borne diseases. It has been known for water-borne diseases to come from contaminated water. This comes from harmful microorganisms that thrives in contaminated water. For instance, we have a typhoid disease.

It is common to hear about cases of STDs in every place. It has been known for STDs as diseases spread between individuals. STDs are the booming diseases in the world. There are three major categories of STDs. We have viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. Viral diseases are normally caused by virus. For instance, we have AIDs and hepatitis as examples of viral diseases.

Viral diseases are hard to treat. Bacterial diseases are diseases caused by bacteria. For example, we have syphilis and gonorrhea as examples of bacterial diseases. These diseases are curable. Parasites cause fungal diseases. For instance yeast infections. Safe sex methods have been known to protect STDs from spreading. You should always have trust on your partner. You should always use protective devices during sex. This will reduce chances of getting STDs. Safe sex is beneficial. Save sex safeguard your partner and other s from STDs. There are many testing services. You can move to a health facility to get tested. You can also buy testing kits to use them at home.

There are many ways of STDs infection. The major known method of transmission is through sexual intercourse. It is obvious for this major method to lead to blood and other fluids contact between individuals. This results in STDs infection. Sharp objects such as needles have been known to cause STDs. Mother to child method has been known to spread STDs. This can happen during birth and breastfeeding. In this case, mother’s blood gets into contact with the child’s blood thus leading to STDs transmission.

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Trust Dental Care Reports on Benefits of Same Day Dentistry Services


(Tijuana) Trust Dental Care ( announces they are offering same day dentistry services with the help of Omnicam CEREC technology. This technology allows for the rapid restoration of a person’s smile, and patients find they no longer need to wait for veneers, crowns, fixed bridges and onlays and/or inlays. All Tijuana dentistry services are carried out by an American licensed dentist, yet cost less than the same services when offered in the United States.

“Individuals often hesitate to schedule dental work, as they are worried about the amount of time required to restore their smile. No person wants to walk around with one or more missing teeth. Doing so makes them self conscious and less willing to interact with others. With our same day dentistry services, this no longer needs to be a concern of our patients, and the price is more than reasonable,” Cirenia Aparicio Miranda, DDS, spokesperson for Trust Dental Care ( announces.

With the help of same day Tijuana dentistry services, patients find ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, implant crowns and veneers can be created in only one visit, so they have a gorgeous smile walking out the door. Rather than dental impressions, the teeth are scanned using 3D imaging technology, and this allows the Tijuana dentist to design a great smile and create the restorations needed. The CEREC MC XL milling machine delivers the restorations in a short period of time with 100 percent precise results.

“Patients find their lives are changed when they choose this option, as it not only requires just one visit to complete the work, but less time is spent in the dental chair during the visit. Anesthesia is only necessary one time, and lab costs decrease. Furthermore, the ceramic crowns are biocompatible, durable and affordable and allow the patient to have a smile they love in very little time,” Dr. Cirenia continues.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss, thus any individual with missing or failing teeth needs to see a dentist immediately. Fortunately, patients have more options now, thanks to Tijuana dental implants. Furthermore, some teeth can be saved with the help of ceramic crowns and more. Both options eliminate the risk of decay and decrease a person’s likelihood of developing periodontal disease, and these are only two of the many benefits associated with these treatments and same day dentistry services.

“Contact our office today at to schedule an appointment. We even offer a shuttle service to make it easy for you to visit. Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous smile you love and can’t wait to share with others,” Dr. Cirenia states.

About Trust Dental Care:

The Trust Dental Care consists of Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda, Dr. Adrian Mora Santillana, Dr. M. Jaciel Herrera Valenzuela and Dr. Paola Munoz Gonzalez, individuals dedicated to restoring the smile of each patient to its full glory. They offer a wide range of services, from dental restorations to bone grafts, and use the latest technology while doing so.

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